Windows 10 & An Old Guy

windows_10_wallpaper_rainy_dayI took the plunge and upgraded to Windows 10. I’m not accustomed to the early adopter role. “Let someone else work out bugs,” has been my mantra for decades. However, I’m at a point in life where excitement is hard to find. I can’t find it in my old haunts: fast cars and faster women, so I get it where I can.


I’m have a Dell laptop that came with Windows 8.1. It has an Intel Core i7 CPU, 8 gigabytes of memory and a 930 gigabyte hard drive. I have a high speed cable internet connection with typical download speeds of 10 to 20 mbps.

I’ve used 8.1 for a couple of years. I liked Windows 7 more than WIN 8.1, but I didn’t hate WIN 8.1. I found it frustrating because useful features of WIN 7 disappeared to be replaced by touch-screen features that held no interest for me. Swipe & Go touch features became Wipe & Blow in my mind.


I have to say, the upgrade experience hasn’t offered much excitement. It took about an hour, probably less. Every application I’ve run has worked perfectly. My Windows mail application was replaced with a new one, which required some adjustments. For example, it wanted to take over management of my Windows and Goggle calendars in addition to consolidating my email accounts. I had to let it do it initially, but I was able to change it without much effort.

I like that the start screen has the familiar look of WIN 7, but it has more to offer. If you’ve never used WIN 8, you won’t understand the following comment: It also lists all of the tiles that had appeared on my old Win 8.1 start screen. I’m glad it does, because I had set up several tiles as shortcuts to favored locations.

The task bar at the bottom of the screen has changed somewhat, but not drastically. It shows small icons for open apps, as well as ones pinned to the bar for easy access.

The biggest change is the “Ask me anything” search box. It uses Bing as the default search engine, no surprise there, Microsoft owns Bing, but it’s as good as Goggle as far as I can tell. If you click on the microphone icon to the right of the search box, you can verbalize your search rather than type it. I said, “Pictures of monkeys.” It worked as expected, pulling up numerous pictures, plus related web sites.

I’ve used Microsoft products since the early 80’s and I’ve criticized the company in the past for over charging and over promising when they released a new operating system. I can’t say either of those things this time. I may find complaints as time goes by, but I’m not sorry that I upgraded to Win 10.

David P. Cantrell


Author: David P. Cantrell

I'm a retired baby-boomer enjoying life.

2 thoughts on “Windows 10 & An Old Guy”

  1. I made the switch too. I like it,so far. I am finding it easy to navigate, and I like the menus.

    But it has one failing that I am nor sure how I will address, and that is in Windows Live Movie Maker. I use that program a lot in my work, and this newer version has lost most of the transitions. I’ve been unable to get through to tech support to find out what I need to know about getting ma patch with my transitions.

    I’m not too keen on uninstalling WLMM and installing an older version, but I will if I have to.

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