Jimmy Carter’s Cancer

Jimmy Carter’s Cancer
An essay by: David P. CantrellJ Carter


Do you care? I do, but, I’m not sure that you should. After all people come and go; they live and die, unknown to most and to fewer that care.

I care because of a life well lived. Many White House alumni have used its glow for self-enrichment. He focused the glow on the needs of others and gave of himself to boot.

He assumed office with a message of hope after a decade of domestic turmoil, brought on by the Vietnam War, Nixon’s shame and a sense of loss.  Events beyond his control took hold, and he was blamed for inflation, gas lines, hostages and America’s disgust for itself.

He had the self-confidence in himself, and his marriage, to reveal in Playboy that he had lusted for women, while married to another.  I knew by his admission that he had conquered his temptation—not all have. He’s a man to be honored in my mind. Now he’s made public his metastatic cancer and thereby thumbed his nose at another old taboo.

Was he America’s best President?

No. Washington, Lincoln and others fight for that title.

I didn’t vote for him, but I’m proud that he was our President, and I’ll argue that Jimmy Carter is the best Ex-president out country has ever known.

Author: David P. Cantrell

I'm a retired baby-boomer enjoying life.

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