My Book is in Rehab

chopping-blockIn July 2014, I took the plunge and published a book on Kindle Direct Publishing. The title was Disturbance: The Vetting. I felt trepidation, but all journey’s start that way. And, I had nothing to lose but my time–I thought. But in fact, I had my self-confidence at risk.

My friends and family liked my book. They expressed joy that I wrote such an interesting story with intelligent characters. Excited, I followed every sale on Kindle and Createspace with dreams of success.

I waited impatiently for the reviews to pour in. Five and four stars were my expectations, but any review were welcome. Alas, the sales dropped off and the reviews from unknown readers stopped at two.

I needed to promote my book I thought. So, I joined Facebook groups formed by like-minded authors. I loved the contact with other authors struggling to get their work in front of an appreciative audience. We were siblings joining hands to defend each other from the greed of the Big Five.

Then reality took a dump on my front porch. A couple of my nicer siblings pointed out that my masterpiece was in need of therapy, intensive therapy at that. I was getting honest feedback. It was what I had hoped to get from my friends and family. Sadly my friends and family know less about writing a novel than I do, or more likely, they were too kind to tell me the truth.

I truly appreciated the informed feedback I received from experienced writers. I don’t always agree, but I always listen.

Disturbance: The Vetting was pulled off the market in January, 2015. At that point, I was about 80% done with the second book that would have completed the story.  I haven’t spent much time on the book since then.

I happily allowed myself to be distracted from the book by becoming a co-blogger on Edgewise Words Inn. I’ve enjoyed the blogging experience and learned from my co-bloggers, Connie J. Jasperson and Lee French.

Today I finished the rewrite of my first book’s Chapter 7. I had previously incorporated editorial comments into the the first through seventh chapters and I had thought I was making progress. But I’ve now ripped 1,190 words out of Chapter 7’s original 7,726 words. I feel great about it. Chapters 1 to 6 and 8 to 12 should get ready for the same treatment. Then it’s on to part two.

I feel empowered and refreshed. A friend and mentor told me to set a story aside for awhile and then look at it with fresh eyes. I think I’m finally seeing the wisdom of her advice.


Author: David P. Cantrell

I'm a retired baby-boomer enjoying life.

2 thoughts on “My Book is in Rehab”

  1. David I began reading your book and thought the whole idea was amazing, only I did not understand all the technical bits – way beyond me. I am looking forward to reading the new, hopefully, simpler (written for idiots) version. 🙂


    1. I hardly would call you an idiot. I know what you mean though. I wrote the book thinking everyone knew of dark matter and dark energy but have learned since that I was wrong. I don’t plan to eliminate the science stuff, but I have tried to simplify it a bit.


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