Tommy and Bobby’s New Bike – A Read-aloud Interactive Story for Parents and young children

back-view-illustration-of-a-family-walking-together-1159722Tommy ran all the way home from Bobby’s house. It was a long way to run, almost six houses, but he had to run, because he had to tell his mommy something special. Bobby had a new bike.

Tommy ran through his front door. Well, he didn’t run through the front door that would be silly. He opened the door and walked through, but he walked very fast.

“Mommy you won’t believe it…” Tommy said, but then stopped because he didn’t see his mommy in the kitchen. “Mommy where are you?”

“I’m in my office,” she said.

Tommy was confused because he didn’t know where his mommy was. His daddy worked at an office. Tommy knew that because he went there once. It was a big building with lots of windows and people and desks. It had long hallways, much longer than the hallway in his house.

“Mommy where are you?” Tommy said again.

“Follow my voice Tommy,” she said.

Tommy found her and was a little bit upset with her. “You’re not in an office. This is the junk room,” Tommy said.

Why was Tommy a little bit upset?


Tommy’s mother laughed and laughed. Tommy felt angry like when a mean kid laughed at him during recess.

“I’m sorry that I laughed Tommy,” his mommy said. “I wasn’t laughing at you. You made a joke that I found very funny. Yes, this is the junk room, but I called it my office because I do work at my computer in here.”

Why did Tommy feel angry when his mommy laughed?


“So an office is a place where people do work?” Tommy asked.

“Yes it is Tommy,” his mommy said.

“Daddy’s office had a paper making machine. Do you have one?” Tommy asked.

“No I don’t. What was the machine called?” his mommy asked.

“Daddy called it a copier. A piece of paper was put in one end and bunches of paper came out the other end. I want one that makes cookies. Oh wait. I want one that makes Legos. Then I could have more Legos than Bobby.” Tommy said.

Did the copier really make paper?


“What did you want to tell me?” his mommy asked.retro-bicycle-clip-art-vector-file_23-2147501509

“Oh, I forgot. Bobby got a new bike from his daddy. It’s red and has a cool light and it’s, it’s… beautiful. I wish I had a new bike. Mine is junky,” Tommy said.

“Bobby gets a lot of new things from his daddy doesn’t he?” his mommy asked.

“I guess,” Tommy said.

“Did you know that Mr. Johnston left last year and doesn’t live with Bobby anymore?” Mommy said.

“Yes. He lives a gigabillion miles away in San Francisco,” Tommy said.

Is a gigabillion a real number?


“That’s right he move to San Francisco. Sometimes when a daddy moves away he will send gifts to his son or daughter because he can’t live with them anymore and he wants them to know that he loves them. Do you understand, Tommy?” his mommy said.

“I think so,” Tommy said.

child-sleeping my cute graphics dot comThat night, Tommy lay in bed and wished as hard as he could for his daddy to give him a new bike. He didn’t pray to God for a new bike because that would be bad, but he wished that God knew he wanted a new bike, not a red one though. He wanted a blue one.

Did he pray to God, or not?


crows-clip art clicker vector dot comTommy woke up when a big flock of crows made loud noises outside of his bedroom window. One cawed, and then another cawed. Soon great gobs of crows were cawing and making even stranger sounds.

What kinds of sounds do crows make?


Tommy rubbed his eyes, grabbed his blankie and got out of bed. All of a sudden he had to hurry to the potty. He made it in time and was very glad that he had.

Why was Tommy glad?


Tommy walked into the dining room and saw his mommy sitting at the table drinking coffee from her special cup, but his daddy wasn’t there. Tommy said, “Where is Daddy?”

His mommy said, “He had to go away to San Francisco.”

Tommy felt scared. He had wished for a new bike and now his daddy had left to live in San Francisco. He couldn’t help it, his eyes got wet and his lower lip quivered. His mommy saw him.

“What’s wrong Tommy? Why are you crying?” she said.

“I don’t want daddy to go away. I don’t need a new bike, please bring daddy back.” Tommy said.

“Did you wish for Daddy to go away so you could get a new bike?” his mommy asked.

“Kind of.” Tommy said.

Did Tommy’s wish for a new bike make his daddy go away?


“Don’t cry Tommy. You didn’t make him go away. Daddy went on a trip for his work and he will be home tomorrow night,” his mommy said.

Tommy stopped crying and sat on his mommy’s lap. She hugged him and kissed his forehead, and his nose and his left ear.

Where are your forehead, and nose and left ear?


Tommy liked sitting on his mommy’s lap. It was like his blankie, but she smelled good.

Why was Tommy jealous of Bobby’s toys?


The End.

David P. Cantrell © 2015, all rights reserved. David P. Cantrell is a contributing member of the EWI staff.



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