Valentine’s Day – Yeah

800px-Necco-Candy-SweetHeartsValentine’s Day: A day to express your feelings for someone special.

Or is it?

For too many it’s a lonely day full of regret or remorse. A day focused on what others have, but they have not. The neighbor that lost his long-time wife or the co-worker that recently broke-up may stoically accept their fate with a smile or a nod, but silently pine for the sense of acceptance that a loved one had provided.

Loved ones may come in many forms. The five-year-old that shares his heart shaped cookie with an elderly neighbor is a wonderful loved one. So too, the waitress that hands out candy hearts with their silly entreats to her regulars. We can all be loved ones even when we feel unloved.

If Valentine’s Day is not what you want it to be, be a loved one for someone else. You’ll not be sorry.

(c) David P. Cantrell 2016



Author: David P. Cantrell

I'm a retired baby-boomer enjoying life.

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