Book Review: Dark Space Universe – The Enemy Within by Jasper T. Scott

“Perhaps Jasper’s greatest gift is his ability to yank readers out of their stream of thought by introducing a plot twist that leaves them flopping on the river bank …”

Jasper T. Scott is an accomplished science fiction author evidenced by the tens of thousands of books he has sold over the last few years. His stories include plenty of action and suspense, but they aren’t dominated by it. Philosophical and spiritual issues are neatly woven into his plots. He doesn’t preach to the reader—far from it. Instead, he creates situations that allow the reader to raise questions in his or her own mind.

I’ve always been impressed by his respect for science in his fiction. For example, in his most recent trilogy, Dark Space Universe, the shape and extent of the universe is a plot point that he develops based on current scientific theories, and in an interesting way.

Perhaps Jasper’s greatest gift is his ability to yank readers out of their stream of thought by introducing a plot twist that leaves them flopping on the river bank saying, “I didn’t see that coming.” Yet, the hints were always there. Chubby Checker has nothing on Scott.

Dark Space Universe – The Enemy Within, Book 2 in the series, is scheduled to be released on August 17, 2017. As a structural editor, I had the great pleasure of reading an early draft and will say this, “It’s a great book, six stars, at least, and maybe Scott’s best, yet.”

So, get caught up. Buy Dark Space Universe (Book 1) or read it for free with Kindle Unlimited here.

Exodus by Jasper T. Scott – Review

First the Blub:


With androids in control of Earth, and humans relegated to colonies on Mars and the outer planets, tensions are rising, and war looks inevitable. Looking for a way to escape the looming conflict, Alexander and Catalina de Leon board the Liberty with 70,000 other colonists on a voyage to Proxima Centauri, but it’s going to take them nine years to reach their destination, and a lot can happen in that time. As the trip progresses, everything that can happen does, and what was meant to be a monotonous voyage becomes a fight for survival against mysterious forces that threaten not only the passengers and crew, but the entire human race.


Scott brings a philosophical glint to all of his books, which puts them a step above the typical in my mind. He’s not an erudite lecturer, however. The novel is gripping and full of twists and surprises. The action scenes are heart thumping and suspenseful, and human interactions are believable, often humorous and sometimes emotional. Readers of Scott’s Dark Space series will enjoy the tie-in to that story line, but new readers won’t be hampered by the references at all. I got a kick out of the not-so-subtle allusion to the UFO community’s ideas.


A hearty 4 ½ starts.


I had the pleasure to be a structural editor on this novel but I am under no obligation to review it.

Five Star Review: Deep Space – Armageddon (Book 6 in a series)

DS6 CoverI just completed the advanced readers copy (ARC) of Deep Space-Armageddon Jasper T. Scott’s conclusion to his epic six book space opera. The final version will be available on September 4, 2015 at Amazon. I’m jumping the gun a bit and posting my review here first.

I read Jasper T. Scott’s first Dark Space novel shortly after it was published in 2013 and waited impatiently for each sequel since then. I’ve never been disappointed. In fact, Scott has improved as a writer, particularly his prose.

In DS-6 we follow Ethan Ortane and his extended family on their separate paths to find the truth behind Omnius, the AI controlling humanity. Billions have accepted the Paradise offered by Omnius, but not everyone has. Ethan is reluctantly pulled into the resistance movement that seeks to dethrone the AI that would be God. But, should Omnius be destroyed? Would humanity really be better off, or would mankind be evicted from the Garden of Eden once again?

There is plenty of action, tragedy and mystery to keep the reader involved. Scott is a Maestro of cliff-hangers and he uses them well to keep the pace accelerating. This is a long book, somewhere over 600 pages, but I never tired of it. Actually, I found myself reading faster and faster—the last 30% flew by.

I highly recommend the book and the entire series. You could read this book on its own and enjoy it, but you’d miss a great deal. The epic started with Ethan and Alara and ends with them. They go on a wild ride that I was glad to observe. And, take heart, if you start at book one you won’t have to wait two years to finish the ride.